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HID Kits

Xenon Kits along with HID Kits

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are new type of illuminating technology that replaces the orthodox halogen lamps. Monofilaments of halogen lamps are replaced by light generated by the arc produced between two electrodes of HID.  It uses electrical discharge technology to explode inert gas (Xenon gas) in a sealed bulb inside.  It was first urbanized and was made to use in mid-90s, and till today, this lavish better technology is still only used on high-end Luxury and Performance cars. But now, it can be for yours cars at cheaper rates!

There are various reasons for the popularity of the HID kits. A few are listed below:-

Tremendous Brightness: The illumination and its bright fluctuation of our HID kits are increased around 250% as compare to that of the halogen tungsten lamp, so that the lamp can radiate to greater, broader and distant place.

Virtuous color temperature: The color temperature available with our company is from the range of 4300K –12000K as compared to 3000K for halogen lamp where the “K” is denoted for “Kelvin”. The common choice of the customers is 6000k as it is close to the light of the sun and comfortable to our eyes which are beneficial for the safe driving indirectly.

Low consumption of energy and high productivity: The energy from a Xenon metal halide lamp (35Watt) utilized vehicle consumes merely half of energy that of tungsten halogen lamp but releasing 3 times of light.

Nonflammable and shockproof: HID Kits are made up of using a Xenon gas where electrical discharge technology is used so it is totally safe and nonflammable. Moreover, the waterproof covering also helps in preventing from shocks.

Exceptionally long life: In real-world terms, the lifetime of the bulb is equivalent to that of the car. And our Xenon Kit guarantees you with the longest life time and quality products.

We provide products on variety of color such as yellow, golden, blue, purple, etc. with good color temperature of around 4300K to 12000K for each and every color.

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